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                  Glitter Tattoos
    - Birthdays - Family Parties - Pool Parities - Sporting events - Drama festivals - Cooperate Events - Any Event!!!

Glitter tattoos are an excellent sparkling addition to any  party!   The newest craze in temporary tattoos everyone loves!* Special stencils,  body glue, and super shiny cosmetic grade glitter all combine into a unique body decoration!  They can go on arms, legs, shoulders and backs just NOT on the face!
Numerous stencil choices for boys and girls (and even those youthful adults!) They can last days even when swimming and showering with a little care. Great for any time of year and any event.

For an extra fee you can order a custom stencil to make your event truly memorable.

*Please note these are only done on children over 3 years of age.

See some of our stencil choices below!

Glitter Tattoo Removal Instructions:
1. Do not scrub with loofah, bath puffs or washcloths. Pat dry with towel. DON'T RUB!
2. Avoid contacting painted areas with oils, lotions, bugspray, alcohol based products or conditioners. Also avoid using moisturizing soaps or oils on or near glittered area as oil based products break down the glue.
3. Avoid wearing tight clothing over glittered area, as this will rub the glitter off.
4. To remove the design, rub baby oil or mineral oil gently over the design until the adhesive dissolves. Then wash with soap & water.

                     Mica Tattoos
Here are a couple of pictures of the ever popular mat black that the teen boys love! They can also be done in beautiful mica shimmer powders.

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