Face Painting 
  Glitter Tattoos

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Planning your party or event:  
When planning your special day don’t hesitate to ask questions!
We want your party or event to be successful.

The time needed for each event depends on the services requested, type of event, age and number of children. Call or fill out the contact form for a personal quote.

Do you have a theme? We will often be able to create face painting and balloon animals to go along with your theme.

Fun Faces with a Twist uses only face paint products which comply with the United States FDA requirements for safety.

Removing Face Paint:
All of our products wash off easily with soap and water. Red, black and darker colors contain more pigment and will take additional washing to remove. The best way to remove the darker colors is with baby shampoo and a dark face cloth. We do NOT recommend baby wipes. 

Glitter Tattoos- we use cosmetic glitter that is made of polyester plastic. Unlike craft glitters it contains no glass or metals. Glitter tattoos are for ages 3 and up as you need to be able to sit still! We do not applied them to the face.

Glitter Tattoo Removal Instructions:
1. Do NOT scrub or rub with loofah, bath puffs or washcloths. Pat dry with towel.
2. Avoid contacting painted areas with oils, lotions, bugspray, alcohol based products or conditioners. Also avoid using moisturizing soaps or oils on or near glittered area as oil based products break down the glue.
3. Avoid wearing tight clothing over glittered area, as this will rub the glitter off.
4. To remove the design, rub baby oil or mineral oil gently over the design until the adhesive dissolves. Then wash with soap & water.

Dick & Sue Moberg
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